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About Tale Of Two

Eating out isn’t just about eating. It’s about the care that goes into sourcing ingredients, the way they’re prepared and the ambience in which they’re served. It’s about the experience, and the way it makes you feel.

We understand that perfectly at the Tale Of Two tapas and cocktail bar, a venue within the upmarket abbys group. And that’s why eating with us is always an occasion, even if you’ve just popped in for an impromptu lunch date – though we’re always ready to welcome those doing business or parties of family and friends. Our venue is an eclectic space that’s a perfect fit for all of them.

Our menus carefully combine the highest-quality ingredients with skill and an artistry that consistently brings the best from them.

That’s why we can promise that at Tale Of Two, the flavours will always be as big as the skies you can see from our windows.

Contact us on 01472 600515 or email